How to Install Flash on Mozilla Firefox without Administrative Rights

If you’ve faced the issue stated in the title, this is the right place for a solution. Here’s how it works.

Mozilla saves the plugin information in this path: C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\Mozilla\Plugins

There are two files necessary for the plugin to work: flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll (v. – latest as of July 5, 2011). Save a copy of the current files from the plugins folder.

How do you get these files?

I tried to get an .xpi version of the flash player, but couldn’t find one. Instead I found a flash player plugin for Mozilla portable. You’ll find it at this link.

  1. Download this
  2. Run the .exe
  3. Copy and paste the plugins path to extract it (USER is your user name on the computer)
  4. You will notice a new folder called Firefox Portable.
  5. Browse the folder to \FirefoxPortable\Data\Plugins
  6. Copy the .xpt and .dll files
  7. Paste them in the main Plugins folder (C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\Mozilla\Plugins)
  8. Overwrite any existing .xpt and .dll files
  9. Restart Mozilla
  10. Your flash player is up-to-date!
  11. Enjoy

Alternate download link: Click Here

Update (Sep 16, 2013): The above information is obsolete now. Will see if I can provide updated info.

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The Day After the 13th

Friday the 13th is commonly known to be a ‘bad’ day in most countries. Superstitions reign. Fortunately, it’s restricted only to Fridays. That’s the good part. Now, think about this. Are all the 13th days ‘bad’? Not really. I would say everyday is the same. Uh oh! I take that back. Just listen to what happened to one of my friends on the day after the 13th.

It was a Monday, not a blue one, that was just like any other ‘mun’day. It was back to work, back to stress, and back to air conditioning. The last one is something I like. I had a training scheduled for the afternoon; the idea which I didn’t like one bit. Anyway, since nothing could be done about it, I went.

20 minutes past scheduled time the trainer, my friend, hadn’t arrived. After a few minutes of waiting and a few calls, he arrived – signature: late as usual. What he told us after he arrived changed my opinion of his lateness and got me thinking about the calendar date.

The previous day, this friend had gone to a gas station to fill his automobile tank. He drove home later that night. Today, his family decided to go out shopping. Since he had to work, he did not join them. He was actually very happy that he was all alone; feeling the peace like never before. Breakfast time!

The very thought of cooking something for himself made him feel lazy. Why cook when the cook can cook? So, he decided to visit a hotel. He decided to have a scrumptious meal. He ordered. The bill was handed. I think you guessed what happened. Yes, you’re right! He did not have cash; worse still, his bank card was missing! Panic, frantic searching, panting, apologizing, calling, decisions in dilemma and what not! All kinds of thoughts filled his mind. If he blocked his card and then found it, he wouldn’t be able to use it for 48 hours. He decided not to block it. He got out of the hotel as fast as his legs could carry him. No food. Hungry. Fearful.

He searched for his card at home, in his trousers, the car… oh, the car! He remembered. He pulled out of the garage and sped towards the gas station. After a little enquiry and identification, he was able to get his card back. They had kept it safe. Good for him.

At least now he could eat. He checked his wristwatch. Oh no! ‘T was time for work. He had to hurry. With his stomach growling, he pulled out of the gas station, picked his work bag up from home, and started towards office.

Traffic! Traffic! Traffic! Will this ever stop? He was caught in thick traffic and when he got to work he was about half an hour late, hungry like a hippo, and tired as tired could be.

After telling us this story, he started to connect the computer to the projector. The monitor would just not turn on! He tried all he could. One of my co-trainees tried to help him. In fact, after a few exasperating moments, I pitched in. No avail. We had to look for a new room.

The adjacent room was vacant. We walked in; but there were two laptops connected. My friend went to have a closer look. He found out whose they were and said, “let’s go elsewhere”, and started walking. A deafening crash sound broke the silence of that room. We turned around only to find that my friend had stumbled on the power cable of one of the laptops. We gazed around trying to figure out what happened. Finally, after determining all was well, we walked out.

We got a room, finally.

Well, in this room, as he walked next to a table, he almost tore away the table’s wooden laminate that was actually fixed with a thumb tack. Fortunately, his trousers were safe. Perhaps, fortune found its way into the 14th, after all.

Just so that you know, I was born on a Friday the 13th 🙂

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Why Buy a Camera-less Mobile Phone?

That’s a good thought…but quite ridiculous in the minds of today’s youth. “A phone without a camera?” That’s what they would exclaim. It’s true. No modern user of phones would like to use a phone without camera – how else can they show off, capture video/photos, send Live MMS, etc.

I, for one user, like using camera-less phones. At least, I’m forced to do so. Ha, ha. That’s because the company I work for does not let us carry camera phones to the working area. Inconvenient for most. I got used to it. Though I did not like the idea initially, I began to see how a camera-less phone actually benefited me. I’m quite happy about it. Here are some pictures of my phone:

Some reasons why I like camera-less phones:

1. Less stress: You don’t need to worry when you miss a great opportunity for a photo/video. You don’t have the device. Some of you may not think of this as less stressful.

2. Low cost: Camera-less phones cost lesser, typically. Since they are low-end, you won’t be spending extra bucks for your 3G Internet or MMS. Cost of maintenance is low too. Even if you lose the phone, you will not feel as bad as you would if you were to lose your 32GB iPhone or the likes.

Let me close with a question. Why do you need a phone? The basic need for a phone is to keep in touch. Your digital camera can do the job of video and photography, don’t you agree?

Just in case you form a picture of me in your mind, I’m not a camera-phone hater, neither am I jealous of camera phone owners. I definitely agree that camera phones are good and extremely useful. Their handiness comes from the fact that they are all-in-one. Good for you modern users.

However, if you’re facing a situation like me, don’t be disheartened. Get yourself a camera-less phone and enjoy the advantages that come free!

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Watermelons – How to Buy a Juicy Red One

Watermelons – How to Buy a Juicy Red One

The thoughtfulness of God is shown by one merciful act of His – He timed the harvest of watermelons to coincide with the hot season. I guess you will agree with me that having a piece of watermelon on a hot summer afternoon, like the present afternoons, is extremely refreshing. That’s God’s thinking.

Aren’t you tempted to think this when you see a juicy red watermelon? “How does the vendor know which one will be red and sweet?” This is a question that has bothered me for ages. I bought many a watermelon and felt cheated because the melon was either pink or White and not sweet at all. I was trying to find a way to overcome this problem. Thanks to God – I actually did!

I’m going to share my discovery with you. Let me know if it works with the next time you buy one.

1. Choose a melon that is not too small. I’m talking about medium-sized ones
2. Lift it. The weight should justify the size. The heavier, the better. That means there’s more water content.
3. Check for dents. Dents are bad. The fruit may be spooky on the inside.
4. Check for coloring. If the fruit has a hint of yellow on one side of it, it means that the fruit has ripened naturally in the sun before harvesting. Look for dark green stripes.
5. Tap it. Hold it in one hand. Tap with your index finger or fingers gently. You should be able to feel a hollow vibration all the way to your other palm.
6. Buy it.

Let me just warn you that this method is not fool-proof. While it may work 95% of the times, the safer method, if you don’t mind washing the insides of the fruit, will be this:
Ask the vendor to choose one for you and cut it open to show you. Rest assured, he will choose a good one – small or big. If the vendor refuses to choose for you, try the method I suggested. Back to square one.

Enjoy your melon.

Writing this has tempted me beyond will power. I’m going to purchase one tonight. 🙂

2 hours later…


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The Best Way to Make Money

There are a thousand so-called opportunities that claim to help you make easy money just sitting at home! Believe that? Oh, yea, you should. At least that’s what all the advertisers want you to do. So, the question remains – what’s the best way?

Work/Home - Illustration picked from Google Images

What opportunities await you? There are a few basic business types that offer such opportunities. MLM or Pyramid schemes are the most popular ones. Next you have the likes of referral businesses. Then you have data entry businesses and other survey businesses including ‘paid to view/read emails/sites’. Lastly, you have freelancing.

If you really are looking for part-time money, freelancing is the best choice. It is genuine, at least for most part, and easy to earn, harnessing only your specialties.

I don’t end here. None of these come into the ‘best’ way to make money in my list. They would definitely feature in other author’s articles; but, not mine.

Do you like to study? If yes, you’re in luck. If not, money will be hard to come by. So, here’s the deal.

Educate yourself, at least to a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Develop your skills in your area of expertise. Find a company that is ready to utilise the skill set that you carry. Join that company after agreeing to a decent compensation package. Pledge your allegiance to the company in your heart. Whatever you do, do it with all your might and dedication. You are set to make money while doing what you love doing.

That, my friend, is the best way to make money. And, I won’t be surprised if you’re disappointed with the conclusion. So, to answer your unasked question; the next best way to make money and enjoy your own work schedule is to become a freelancer.

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Killed by the Saviour

Mobile life support services are extremely critical in a populous city – especially when there is high mortality rate due to booming traffic. Everyone should be aware of the emergency phone number – the number for an ambulance – to dial out to get professional help; but, hardly does anyone know! I muse: this is not 100% true. There are people who do know who to contact in times of emergency. That said, let’s read on.

Ambulance drivers enjoy freedom on the road that no other driver does. He can speed, jump signals, zig-zag thru traffic, drive on one-ways; and, hit-and-run? Well, that was the case in my city recently.

A young lady physiotherapist and her husband were travelling on an elevated highway towards the city. The speed limit on this highway is 80 kmph. The husband was riding while she sat pillion. It must have happened so quick that nobody could react to swerve away from impending doom.

(Picture used for illustration only)


An ambulance, perhaps screaming away, rammed straight into the bike. Fate called that day. The physiotherapist died after sustaining injuries, while the husband escaped with minor injuries. She was only 24.

What irony! The ambulance – that was supposed to save human lives – now had taken one. The saviour killed instead of saving.

It is a very sad situation for the husband. Imagine the grief he must be experiencing. Oh! How he must be wishing not to have taken the elevated road. Pain, anguish, mental torture. The agony of it all. My heart aches when I hear of such incidents.

The point of this article is just plain simple. Everybody should have rules to follow – especially the ones who want to save lives – lest they take them instead. Then, again, it’s not enough to have rules to follow, you must actually follow them!

Rules are for your safety. Be safe.

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Gazebo – A Missing Lunch Buffet

You may be wondering as to what Gazebo has to do with a missing lunch buffet, are you? Okay, okay. No suspense. Gazebo is the name of a restaurant located inside Hotel Golden Landmark (which a policeman on duty just a mere 500 meters away did not know existed!). This article is about my experience of service from Gazebo.

Gazebo is located in Central Bangalore, wedged in between Anand Rao Circle and the Race Course.

Click to View

A flyover runs just in front of the hotel. It is not very easy to find the hotel, but perhaps, I would say, if found, a good bang for the buck.

In appearance, Golden Landmark is very appealing. I was awed by the magnificent structure. There was a guard, dressed traditionally, waiting at the door. It looked quite amazing. After over 45 minutes of searching the Golden Landmark was finally in sight. How pleased I felt at the decision to bring my family to dine at such a place. Excitement filled every cell of my body. I was eager to go in, grab a seat, and dig my teeth into food!

Golden Landmark

All of that changed; and, in the next few minutes I was practically storming out of the place!

I had reserved a table early that morning via the Internet. A confirmation SMS was sent to my mobile. Everything was just fine…until I walked into Gazebo. There was no food on the serving tables. Stranger, though; there were no people! The only people in the dining hall were my wife, son and I. Surprise, confusion, and disappointment started taking the place of excitement and hunger.

After a quick enquiry at the reception I was told that the manager had called me and informed me that there would be no buffet served that day. How strange that I, the recipient of the call, had no clue that the manager had called! That was an outright lie! This was outrageous; but, I had no choice but to storm out of the hall where there was a missing buffet.

Anyway, to make matters right, we did search and found a buffet that was, in my opinion, far more filling than the one we did not have.


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The Slow Launch of Fast Vodafone Mifi – 3G

Well, here’s something new for users of Vodafone in India – the Vodafone Mifi has been launched (at least on the Web site) and it costs only Rs. 5500!

Why, you ask, should I be excited about something that costs more than half of 10k? Here are some reasons. Oh, wait! I forgot to tell you what this device is all about and why the launch is not yet complete.

Vodafone, in India, has now acquired 3G rights and are geared up for some hi-fi Mifi activity like their counterparts in other countries. Pictures of the device are available on the official Website of Vodafone India (

Click to view


What’s in it for you?

  1. If you own an iPod Touch, PSP, Laptop or any other portable device with wifi capabilities, this is the perfect device for on-the-go Internet access. Just turn it on and you can connect multiple devices to access high-speed Internet.
  2. It is very small and compact; thus, enabling you to carry it anywhere you go.

There’s much more you can do with such a device. It’s basically getting the power of the Internet in your pocket. You can be your own Hotspot – no need to search for a common Hotspot (where you have to enter a password to access not-so-fast Internet). You can also connect to the Internet and allow up to 4 of your colleagues to access the connection to play games or perform work related activities.

What’s more? You can also turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone! Just install a VoIP app and, with the help of Vodafone Mifi, you can be making free calls worldwide! Ain’t it a better deal than the iPhone?

Don’t think you would waste bucks on this device. It is very, I stress, very helpful! Think of all the times you wished you had the Internet on-the-go. Your dream will come true. At least, mine will. I’m all set to get me a device the moment it launches in my city. Just waiting and wondering when that will happen.


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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! What you can expect to read here are my views of the latest in Technology, Books, Cosmetics, Appliances, Movies, Software, etc. This is your Discovery Treasure Trove – my Bonanza for you.

Read, enjoy, and keep coming back for more.

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